Why Now?

14 05 2008

I’ll be quite frank here – For years I ran the Corporate Innovation Blog within my role at Imaginatik – but found it hard to keep up for several reasons: 

For one it was supposed to be a company viewpoint from Imaginatik and I rather fancied being able to express my own, unadulterated and unedited opinions – and not just on other people’s articles. Secondly, A lot of these opinions that i wanted to express were on pretty diverse topics, and although primarily around innovation, I think some of my best stuff is on other topics. And thirdly and finally – I just found it hard to keep it up to date as I had to keep using Blogger.com which required me to be online for long periods of time. 

Well, I’m now the proud owner of a new Macbook Air which, with iWeb installed should,  theoretically, make it much easier to maintain a blog as I can do most of my postings offline seemingly easily – although as this is still my first posting, it’s hard to see more than just the nice simple interface Apple’s giving me!  As for the first and second issues, well this site is for me – not Imaginatik – allowing me to express myself on personal ideas and opinions – so here’s hoping you enjoy… 



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